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Supervised Independence Wall // Roma 2013
Artist : Rero
Video : Jules Hidrot

In collaboration with Nu Factory, Wunderkammern, Outdoor Festival 6-14 September 2013
Upcoming show at Wunderkammern, 30 November 2013, Rome Italy
Partners: Institut Français – Italia, Institut Français – Centre Saint-Louis
Technical Partners: Eurostars Hotels, Eurograph Roma, Casale del Giglio, Trebotti, Alfani, Zeno Arte.
Music: Musique Post Bourgeoise – Biscuits / Tracce – Cri / Tracce – Between
Thanks to: Francesco Dobrovich, Paula Espinosa, Anica Huck, Fabrizio L’Abbate, Antonella di Lullo, Elisa Montesinos, Alessandro Omodeo, Franco Ottavianelli, Giuseppe Ottavianelli, Gregorio Pampinella, Giuseppe Pizzuto, Hugo Simoes,Afra Zucchi

RERO – Supervised Independence – Public and confidential
Solo Show at Wunderkammern, 30 November 2013 – 25 January 2014, Rome Italy
Curated by: Giuseppe Ottavianelli
Art critique by: Achille Bonito Oliva
Partners: Institut Français Italia, Institut Français Centre Saint-Louis, Nu Factory, Almost Curators.
Technical partners: Eurostars Hotels, Eurograph, Alfani, Casale del Giglio, Trebotti.

Video : Jules Hidrot
Music: Alessandro Omodeo
Thanks to : Afra Zucchi


Performance réalisée par Rero et Liu Bolin en janvier 2013 à la Backslash Gallery.

Photographe : Laurent Baillet
Peintres : Straight For Art
Réalisation vidéo : Jules Hidrot
Images : Raphaël Hidrot et Jules Hidrot
Musique : 9th Cloud – Having fun with your mouth
Thanks to : Backslash Gallery et à la galerie Paris Beijing